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          1. 欣葉安康建設工程有限公司

            走進安康 盡顯風采

            Welcome to Ankang;Feel Its Charm

                 公司目前擁有黃山和蕪湖兩個生產基地, 主要產品為高檔節能鋁塑門窗、鋼化玻璃、中空玻璃、夾層玻璃、低輻射鍍膜玻璃、數碼打印陶瓷玻璃、防火和防彈玻璃等。其中黃山工廠和蕪湖工廠廠房生產面積10萬平方米,各類門窗年生產產能達150萬㎡,玻璃深加工年產能為300萬平方米。

            Anhui xin Ye Ankang decoration engineering co., LTD. Was established in July 2004, is a decoration engineering design and construction of one grade, metal doors and Windows installation project specialized contracting grade, building curtain wall engineering design and construction integration level, mechanical and electrical equipment installation project specialized contracting grade 3, intelligent building project specialized contracting grade 3, steel structure project specialized contracting grade 3 and garden buildings project specialized contracting grade 3 qualification of comprehensive enterprise, the company registered capital of 111 million yuan, have all kinds of professional and technical personnel 180 people, the project manager more than 60 people, for many years been rated as provincial and municipal outstanding construction enterprise, the enterprise of observing contract and keeping promise, and the national construction decoration award, curtain wall  outstanding enterprises honor. 

            The company currently has two production bases in huangshan and wuhu, main products are high-grade energy-saving doors and Windows, tempered glass, hollow glass, laminated glass, coated glass, low radiation digital printing ceramic glass, fire prevention and bulletproof glass, etc. The huangshan factory and wuhu factory production area of 100000 square meters, annual production capacity of 1.5 million , all kinds of Windows and doors glass processing production capacity of 3 million square meters. 

            Companies adhering to the "Customer-centered,safety first,quality first,benefit first" management policy, with scientific management, strong technical force, sophisticated construction equipment, carefully organize production and construction. In the face of fierce market competition, the company will continue to deepen reform and innovation of choose and employ persons and allocation mechanism, develop high-end market, and strive to become the east China architectural decoration industry energy-saving Windows and doors production of leading enterprises. 

            At present, the company with more than the national housing top 50 developers cooperation, projects in Shanghai, nanjing, hefei, tongling, wuhu, nanchang, jiujiang, such as large and medium-sized cities, each project has won the customer's highly evaluation, a number of engineering construction national construction decoration award, etc. 

            In the global economic development under the new normal, facing new opportunities and challenges, we always adhere to \" treat people sincerely, treat work seriously,\" spirit of enterprise is the guiding idea, focus on integration of resources, actively expand the market, promoting the comprehensive level of the company's operation and management, with quality and efficient service to customers. At the same time we will be \"people-oriented\", the cultivation of professional and technical personnel as the core competitiveness of enterprises, to establish the enterprise culture, to carry out the team building, is committed to be a standardized and institutionalized, standardization, digital architectural decoration and door window is energy-saving products of famous brand enterprises, efforts to achieve \"ankang decoration, quality of life; ankang doors and Windows, window of the world\" development goals.


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